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How many COVID Injections have you had?

Over the past 2 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of mRNA vaccines being given due to COVID in Australia. We are now starting to see some concerns showing up with this new technology. Here are some of the findings coming out of our health departments:

  1. The more injections you have, the more your immune system is impacted by the spike proteins and nanoparticle encapsulated mRNA codes contained in the jab.
  2. Your immune system is now unable to mount an effective response to other viruses because it is being educated to only see the covid spike protein with every 3 monthly booster. You will be more susceptible to winter infections coming up.
  3.  We were told the spike proteins will only stay in the injected muscle, but they are actually being found ALL around the body – including the brain, lungs, heart, ovaries, testes and liver.
  4. We are told that the spike proteins are no longer evident in the body after 2 weeks post injection. However, autopsies and tissue biopsies are finding unhealthy levels of spike proteins in organs and tissue 10 months after the injection.
  5. This mRNA injection is causing immune dysregulation leading to auto-immune disease progression and flare ups of existing health problems.
  6. Government and Corporations are still injecting you with vaccines designed for the early variants of covid – they aren’t able to give protection against Delta, Omicron or any future virus strains. Big Pharma is rushing to try and develop vaccines for future variants but still want you to use up the stockpiles they have made over the last 2 years.
  7. mRNA material has been found embedded in the nucleus of the cell impacting DNA/chromosomal messaging and function. This is very worrying for future health and longevity.
  8. Every extra vaccine/booster you get adds more fuel to the fire. More spike protein production! More graphene oxide and nanoparticle delivery into the blood! More adjuvants and chemicals that the body has to protect against! More mRNA being transported into each and every cell! This is why we see more and more hospitalisations and adverse reactions after each booster shot.

Long term effects of Vaccination

I am personally treating over 200 people around Australia with these adverse reactions are common and injuries brought on suddenly after the injections. I have detoxed nearly 1000 people from the vaccines and helped prepare their immunity for the mandated jabs being forced on them.  Some of the conditions I have been treating include:

  • Heart palpitations and fluttering
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Chest tightness and pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Infections that won’t go away – constantly fighting something
  • Tingling in hands and feet
  • Fatigue, tiredness, can’t get out of bed
  • Shingles, herpes flare ups, cold sores
  • Constant mild temperatures
  • Mood changes – more angry, irritable, or anxious
  • Sore still joints
  • Swollen glands under the arms and in the neck
  • Bowel changes – cramps, constipation, diahrrea, IBS

Unfortunately, we will be seeing increases in a number of chronic health conditions being driven by the damaging spike proteins and their effects on the immune system. The spike proteins continue to be produced from the cells (the cells become spike producing factories), and the spikes promote inflammation and tissue breakdown.

Future Health Concerns

Conditions on the increase due to the vaccine over the next 10 years include:

  • Auto-Immune conditions such as thyroid Hashimotos, arthritis, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma,
  • Cardiovascular conditions, heart attacks, and strokes,
  • Accelerated dementia and alzheimers, and
  • Cancers – both blood cancers and tumour growths

The only way of controlling all the risks and health problems is by neutralising the spike proteins in your body, Detoxing all the nanoparticles and other adjuvants in the injection, increasing your antioxidant capabilities to protect your cells, and to build a strong and resilient immune system. Please read through and research the information and protocol for how to protect yourself from the future health impacts of this experimental mRNA vaccine.

Don’t be fearful! Be proactive!

Contact the Clinic if you want to have a COVID Consult and discuss your fears about the current vaccines you have received or to talk about the pro’s/con’s for continuing the get boostered so you can reduce your anxiety and think clearly about your options. I have a Covid Vaccine Protocol to follow and protect you if you decide to get the boosters. Start one week before and continue for 30 days after the shot. Repeat again when the 3rd, 4th, 5th boosters are required. There is even a anti-covid virus/immune boosting protocol to follow if you decide to wait for a normal covid vaccine or not get the shots at all (try hard to stay shot free). Be wise and follow the steps below to keep yourself and those around you safe:

  • Take your Herbal Formula every day
  • Keep 1.5 meters away from others
  • Take your hand sanitiser with you everywhere
  • Don’t go out if you feel any symptoms of sickness

Winter Immune Boosting Essentials

As winter is here, it is also important to keep taking your winter immune boosters. These include:

  • Immune Herbal (echinacea, olive leaf, ginseng, reishi mushroom, elderberry – 11 powerful anti-virals and white blood cell stimulants)
  • Colloidal Silver (kills bugs instantly and can be sprayed up the nostrils for nasal protection)
  • Engystol (a ‘natural flu shot’ that you suck on daily)
  • C-Max (the most absorbable Vit C and Zinc I can get hold of)
  • Phyta D Spray (potent high dose Vitamin D – 5000-10,000iu)

The key is to dribble in a little of each of your Immune Boosters every day and if you feel like you are coming down with something then HIT IT HARD for a couple of days. This should stop the bug getting a foot hold and progressing into a full blown infection. A couple of days later you should feel on top of things again. Don’t suffer for a minute longer than you need to with your sore throat, cough, sniffle or stuffy head! 

Contact us if you want more advice on specific immune issues.

About the author

Peter Kahler ND has over 30 years experience within the naturopathy and anti-ageing area.

Peter currently owns and manages Oxford Naturopathics Anti-Ageing & Wellness Centre based out of Hawthorne, Queensland.

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