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Energy Levels Nutrient Deficiency We can help you
Energy Levels
Is your energy levels are sub-optimal? Are you stressed, fatigued and need a natural solution to overcome your health issues?
Nutrient Deficiency
Are you suspecting that you are suffering from a nutrient deficiency and want to get tested?
We can help you
Oxford Naturopathics has the solutions you are looking for. Whether you seek treatment or just want a healthier lifestyle, let Peter and his team work on a solution to suit your needs.

We welcome you to our wonderful and caring clinic!

Here at Oxford Naturopathics, we take great pride in the level of care, experience and solutions we offer all our clients regardless of age or health concerns.

We offer all our clients regardless of age or financial status the best care and treatment. We pride ourselves on having helped nearly 10,000 patients become healthier and happier – regaining their zest for life – for over 30 years.

We strongly believe that the natural medicines, education, and motivation we provide you during your time with us will allow you to restore your health and let you live the life you wish for – full of energy and vitality.

Peter and Alison have over 60 years combined experience in the health and medical fields. Both have treated and cared for patients in nursing, mid-wifery, functional naturopathic medicine, and longevity biosciences.  

We specialise in the following areas of health and wellbeing:

  • All Gut and Digestive Disorders
  • Fertility Care – Conception through to Birth
  • Anxiety and Mood Imbalances
  • Clinical Detoxification
  • Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion
  • Cardiovascular Disease – Management and Reversal
  • Covid Programmes – Immune Boosting and Jab Detox Protocols
  • Longevity Medicine – Turning back your Biological Clock

Our treatments focus on the use of natural medicines and lifestyle changes that are the result of decades of research and clinical experience. They are chosen for their safety and ability to assist the body in regaining and maintaining health. Many of our customers health and wellbeing have improved as the result of our treatments.  Check out our testimonials from our current and past customers.

Over the course of your treatment, we strive to help you understand the factors that caused you to get sick in the first place.

We also identify the factors that can help you recover during and beyond your completion of treatment. 

We are confident we can deliver the health results you desire. Please contact us and we will get back to you with an initial consultation time and further information.