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Tests & Assessments

At Oxford Naturopathics, we offer a wide variety of testing and assessments to help get right to the cause of your health concerns and allow a more targeted approach to your treatment.

This gives you confidence that we are addressing the upstream biological issues, that you are experiencing a faster progression to good health, and we are assessing the ‘before and after treatment’ successes throughout your health journey.

Testing will be given to you before your appointments and discussed in detail, so you are clear on how to do them. Any tests given will be directly for your needs and situation.

Pathology/Lab Blood Biomarkers:
Nutritional Deficiencies, Disease Markers, Liver Function, Cardiovascular Health, Inflammation, White Blood Cell Function, Organ Function, Prostate Health (male), and many other Biochemistry Marker Levels

Salivary Hormone Profiles:
Fertility, Menopause, Androgens (male), DHEAs, Growth Hormone

Microbiome/Gut Function Stool Testing:
Digestive Function, Permeable Gut, IBS/IBD, Loss of Diversity, Targeted Probiotic Therapy

Hair Mineral and Metal Testing:
Heavy Metal Exposure, Tissue Mineral Analysis

Cellular Oxidative Damage Test:
Antioxidant levels, Nrf2 Cellular Testing, Free Radical Testing

Methylation Assessments:
MTHFR Gene Defects, Detoxification Pathway Evaluation

Neurotransmitter Testing:
Mood Profiling – Depression/Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Addictions

Wellness Genomic Assessments:
Healthy Weight, Heart, Female, Mental, and Skin Assessments

Lifestyle Assessments:
Sleep, Exercise/Fitness, Meditation, Relaxation, Hobby Time, Work Stress

Basal Metabolic Testing:
Thyroid Profiles, Temperature Charting, Iodine

Adrenal Profiling:
Cortisol and Adrenal Co-factor Levels

Dietary Analysis:
7 Day Dietary Analysis and Analytics

Longevity Gene/DNA Testing:
Mitochondrial Function, NAD Levels, Inflammation Markers, Gene Activation/Regulation tests (tests coming soon – Telomere Length, Stem Cell Pool, Epigenetic Age Clock)

Body Scans (Remote):
Muscle/Fat/Fluid. DEXA Scans done locally near you and sent for assessment of your body composition

If you are needing any of the following tests, please contact us for a telehealth consultation.