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All Consultations are being offered via Telehealth modes – Phone Consultation, Zoom, and Email.

Please contact the Clinic to discuss which medium is suitable for you and your location within Australia if you are unsure of which one will suit you.


Consultation cost: $107.00

Are you anxious about getting the covid jab – what are the side effects? Will I have any adverse reactions? What are the long-term health issues with this new technology therapy? How can I prepare myself for getting the jab?

Have you already taken the jab? Can you do anything to protect yourself from the spike proteins and detoxify the toxins contained in the jab?

This time with Peter allows you to voice your concerns, ask any questions you have and set up a plan that allows you to be proactive in looking after your immunological health whether you get the jab or not. You can discuss the pros and cons and learn more about the many studied nutraceuticals and herbs beneficial for covid protection and jab protection/detox.

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Health Restore

Consultation cost: $167.00 (Initial)

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you frustrated that nothing is working for you or your GP can’t find anything wrong with you? Or are you just wanting to optimise your health and wellbeing and learn how to look after your own health in the most effective way possible?

We offer a wide array of natural treatments and offer guidance in helping find the one that is right for you. We are committed to your health goals and will assist whenever we can. We will work hard to correct your health problems so that you will be both satisfied and in overall better health.

We are committed to your health goals and will assist whenever we can. We will work hard to correct your health problems so that you will be both satisfied and in overall better health.

  • Initial Assessment/Treatment – Comprehensive and scientific evaluation of your needs. This first part of your health journey will consist of various testing and measuring processes to get to the bottom of your health concerns and find the root cause of your issues. There are various types of assessments – pathology analysis, lifestyle assessments, genetic tests, energy screening, stool/urine/saliva tests, scans, metabolism charting, dietary analysis, neurotransmitter evaluation and much more. The combination of testing we choose will depend on the severity of your condition and what you want to achieve.
  • Corrective Care ($127) – During this phase, we personalise the treatment to be specific to your health needs. We also spend time educating you about how to start looking after yourself more effectively – without making difficult changes to your lifestyle!
  • Maintenance Phase ($127) – Now that you are back on track or have your original concerns under control, we will periodically check up to make sure that your health programme is working for you, and you are progressing well.

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Longevity and Anti-Ageing

Consultation Cost: $287.00

There is a crucial difference between your chronological age (how many birthdays you’ve had) and your biological age (how old and how fast you are ageing on the inside).

This consultation allows Peter to do a ‘deep dive’ into your cellular function, genetic pathways, and biomarkers to analysis your pace of ageing, look for any chronic disease issues, and find out which genes and pathways need activating to help you repair and regenerate to restore your youth, look at which supplements and what dosing is required to optimise your biomarkers.

New testings and assessments are being developed to analyse your pace of aging – telomere length, stem cell pools, antioxidant effectiveness, cell defences, mitochondrial/NAD function, and lifestyle habits you may be doing that are causing you to age more rapidly that you should be.

You can turn back the biological clock and restore your youth – let’s plan to live over 100 disease-free and living a life of adventure and energy.

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