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Why do we get Disease?

Are you going to be the healthy or sick 50%?? Sobering thought isn’t it!?

Why do we get disease? It’s not bad luck! We have weakened systems and toxic cells. The medical industry is in a whole world of hurt as it is being reactive rather than preventative. It is spending millions of $ on new drugs and surgical robots to kill cancer cells and clean out blocked arteries – but we shouldn’t be getting these thing in the first place. Our bodies have become weakened.

Any weakness is caused by a poor lifestyle in the family generations such as:

  • A deficiency in our diet of essential minerals such as selenium and iodine (and many more).
  • Lack of Probiotics in our diet.
  • Add in consumption of fake foods such as grains, cereals and other high sugar foods and drinks that are making us weak.
  • Add in toxins such as from smoke, fumes, industrial/farming chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs, which further weaken our bodies and make us more open to infection.
  • Add in a sedentary life, lack of movement, sitting too long, and we suffer a lack of oxygen in our cells. Oxygen is the source of fuel for our immune system and a shortage will leave us defenceless.
  • Add the final straw – as we age our immune system becomes weaker.

Please listen to what I say. Please take the nutrients I tell you to take. Please try to find balance in your life so you have time to nurture yourself and set up good routines and eating habits.

About the author

Peter Kahler ND has over 25 years experience within the naturopathy and anti-ageing area. Peter currently owns and manages Oxford Naturopathics Anti-Ageing & Wellnesss Centre based out of Bullimba, Queensland.

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