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I sought Peters help when I was 4 weeks pregnant with my first baby and wanted to give us both the best chance of a healthy pregnancy. Peter supported my changing needs throughout pregnancy and motherhood.  The labor and birth itself was brief and trauma free. I credit this to the team approach of myself and the clinic in keeping me healthy and prepared as possible.  I am now pregnant with my 2nd child and wonder how I would cope without Pete’s input into my managing my toddler driven life.

I am a mainstream health professional and I respect that Peter’s approach is based on good science. He is always informing me of new research studies, showing his practices current with new research and technology.  The fact that I can get supplements couriered to me is a big bonus, as are the parking facilities which make my visit to the clinic a lot easier.  I also like being able to contact Peter for advice about more acute issues as they arise, and he will advise me on how to adapt my regime to account for sudden illness or other problems. Besides the treatment of the clinic, I love that the whole team are so friendly and happy to have a chat with me when I’m in the clinic.  They remember all sorts of things and that proves that I am important on some level to all of them.

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