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Is your water safe?

EMERGENCY! Did you all see the news yesterday?

Our water is highly contaminated with lead Australia wide – well over the human safety limit – and the authorities have known about this for over 8 months! They are telling us to run our taps for 30 seconds before we drink the water.

Lead is a poison to our brain and every nerve cell in the body! Alzheimers, Dementia, Neurotic Disorders, Behavioural problems – and the list goes on!

I have above sink and under sink filters and cartridges ranging from $145 for benchtops filters right through to Reverse Osmosis units. They all filter lower than .5 micron so they all take out all that dangerous lead.

Don’t trust the government and councils to look after your health – they only want to cover their own backsides – take the power back for you and your family!

About the author

Peter Kahler ND has over 25 years experience within the naturopathy and anti-ageing area.

Peter currently owns and manages Oxford Naturopathics Anti-Ageing & Wellnesss Centre based out of Bullimba, Queensland.

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